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20,000 agencies,

to find the


Find and convert more business for your agency using inbound marketing

There are over 20,00 agencies in the UK of all shapes and sizes. If you are one of these 20,00 agencies you will know how hard it can be to attract the right kind of new clients. And it seems to be getting harder.

We’ve found that clients are increasingly using search engines and social media to find new agencies and becoming less and less responsive to sales messages.

Instead they expect agencies to educate them, engage them and wait for their call.

At FindGood we may have the answer – inbound marketing.

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How it works


Efficient & Fair

FindGood helps UK clients select

marketing agencies in an efficient

and fair way.


The Perfect Fit

FindGood takes an all-encompassing

market view, searching amongst the

thousands of marketing agencies in

the UK to find the perfect ones for

each client’s brief.


The Bigger Picture

Putting the many smaller and medi-

um-sized independent and specialist

marketing agencies back into the

consideration process.


Search For Free

FindGood’s marketing agency search

service is completely free for clients

and there is no registration fee for



Only Flat Fees

The marketing agency which wins

each client’s brief simply pays a flat

fee to FindGood upon contract, the

amount is dependent upon the value

of the business won.


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